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Hi! My name is James and one of my hobbies is visiting theme parks. I've been making YouTube videos showcasing my exploits for a few years now. This website allows me to share more about my adventures ... want to join me for a ride?



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Disneyland page added together with a set of pages and videos for major attractions at the park. More Californian theme parks coming soon!

More:   Disneyland


Alton Towers SW8 Construction: 9 July 2017

Construction of SW8 continues, with the structure of the lift hill now towering over the site together with part of the potential "Wicker Man" statue.

More:   Alton Towers SW8 Construction 9 July Update


Movie Park Germany Review and Video

New review and video from my recent trip to Movie Park Germany.

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Movie Park Germany video

ECC Arabian Adventure Trip Report

Report and videos from my trip with the European Coaster Club to the United Arab Emirates in March.

More:   ECC Arabian Adventure Trip

United Arab Emirates trip

CWOA Gruffalo River Ride Adventure

Info, photos and a PoV video of Chessington's new for 2017 Bubbleworks replacement, The Gruffalo River Ride Adventure.

More:  Chessington World of Adventures The Gruffalo River Ride Adventure


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