Plopsa Coo

Stavelot, Li├Ęge, Belgium

Plopsa Coo, with its stunning mountain setting, plays host to the famous (in Belgium) Studio 100 characters from children's TV.

SeasonMarch to November
OwnerStudio 100
NearbyPlopsa Indoor Hasselt (44 miles)
Winterland Hasselt (44 miles)
Phantasialand (52 miles)
Walibi Belgium (60 miles)
Toverland (69 miles)
The park's chairlift passes beside the Coo Waterfall

The park's chairlift passes beside the Coo Waterfall

Few parks can boast such a beautiful setting as Plopsa Coo's, located high up in the Belgian Ardennes region.

The park is owned by Studio 100 and features attractions themed around many of their popular children's TV characters.

Although Plopsa Coo itself is quite a small park, it utilises the neighbouring hills for two of its large rides: Bobsleigh, a 600 metre long Alpine coaster; and a chairlift which takes visitors high up for a amazing view across the whole area.

Other notable rides include Vicky the Ride, a hilariously fun Viking themed Gerstlauer Spinning Coaster; Halvar, a terrain-hugging Vekoma rollercoaster; Maya Splash, a Plopsa themed log flume; and Karting, a fun and family friendly go-karting track.

If it were located on a non-descript patch of land Plopsa Coo would probably be fairly standard theme park, but its beautiful location nestled next to the famous Coo Waterfall ensures it is something a bit more special.


ECC Belgium 2013 Day 3: Plopsa Coo video

ECC Belgium 2013 Day 3: Plopsa Coo