Fårup Sommerland

Fårup, Denmark

A summer park, located up in the north of Denmark, beautifully landscaped throughout.

OpenedJune 1975
SeasonMay to August, September weekends, Harvest Festival week in October
NearbyDjurs Sommerland (68 miles)
Liseberg (92 miles)
Legoland Billund (108 miles)
Tivoli Gardens (157 miles)
Skara Sommarland (164 miles)
The park entrance

The park entrance

Situated right up in the North of Denmark, Fårup Sommerland is one of the country's largest theme parks opening seasonally each summer.

The park is beautiful, even in torrential rain - something I can attest to from my trip there in 2013. It is set within trees which surround it on all sides and features several lakes which many of the rides sit around or otherwise utilise.

Among Fårup's ride lineup some highlights include Orkanen, a spectacular Vekoma Suspended Family Coaster which dives through a tunnel in the middle of a lake at one point; Falken, the fastest wooden rollercoaster in Denmark; Lynet, a Gerstlauer Launch Coaster; and Fårup Rafting, a whitewater rapids ride.


ECC Sommer Fun 2013: Fårup Sommerland video

ECC Sommer Fun 2013: Fårup Sommerland

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