Helsinki, Finland

Linnanmäki is Finland's biggest theme park and sits on a hill overlooking Helsinki. The park contains a mix of thrill and family rides, and an observation tower which offers views over the city.

SeasonApril to October
OwnerLasten Päivän Säätiö (Children's Day Foundation)
NearbyGröna Lund (245 miles)
Furuvik (261 miles)
Linnanmäki gardens

Linnanmäki gardens

Linnanmäki is Finnish for "Castle Hill", fittingly named for its hilltop location. It is owned and run by the Children's Day Foundation, a charity which works for child welfare, and the park is operated principally to raise funds for them.

It feels very much like a city park, with rides packed closely together around the hillside: be prepared for some steep climbs around the park's pathways and staircases. At the same time, the park features some beautiful landscaping and gardens in parts.

How to Get There

  Helsinki-Vantaa Airport is well served by airlines such as Finnair and British Airways, offering easy travel from the UK and other major European cities (and you can tell your friends you took a direct flight to HEL).

//  From the airport, you can either take a bus or the new train connection into the city centre. The Finnair City Bus stops right outside Linnanmäki, but alternatively the park is a very pleasant 1½ mile walk around the lake from the train station or a short tram journey on Line 3.




An insane ride experience, this was the first 4D coaster in Europe - a short ride with a low capacity, but it creates a big impact



At 75 metres tall, Kingi is the tallest tower ride in Finland and offers incredible views over Helsinki



Linnanmäki's rapids ride navigates its way below the Salama spinning rollercoaster and passes beside two spectacular waterfalls


Linnanmäki 2012 video

Linnanmäki 2012