Ride aboard the fire sled...

Theme ParkLinnanmäki
Opened29 April 2004
ManufacturerMack Rides
Modele-Motion Coaster
Height54 ft
Length1102 ft
Max Speed36 mph


Tulireki ("Fire Sled") is a rollercoaster sitting on the hillside at Linnanmäki in Helsinki.

The ride is a Mack e-Motion coaster, which features six-seater cars that are able to tilt as they make their way around the track, thanks to large springs underneath. This is supposed to give the effect of the car leaning and bouncing, but unfortunately it just makes the ride feel a bit rough.

Much of the track layout is similar to a wild mouse, with tight corners and some steep drops. This gives way to larger more sweeping curves during the second half. At various points the track leans slightly to the side to encourage the e-Motion effects.

Tulireki is one of only two e-Motion coasters in the world, and the only one still running. The other was the minuscule Reaper: Drop Ride to Doom which has now been removed from the Amsterdam Dungeon.

The fact that more were never built gives an indication as to the generally poor reception of the ride. Tulreki is fun as it goes, but it feels very much like the e-Motion gimmick has spoilt what could otherwise have been a much better ride.

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