Parc Astérix

Will you risk a ride on Goudurix, turning upside-down a stomach-churning 7 times?

Theme ParkParc Astérix
Park AreaLes Vikings
Opened30 April 1989
Height118 ft
Length3117 ft
Max Speed56 mph


Set within the park's Viking land, Goudurix is Parc Astérix's most inverting steel rollercoaster.

The ride - a custom Vekoma MK-1200 - turns riders upside down seven times during their journey, with inversions including a vertical loop, double corkscrew and batwing element.

For many years after its opening in 1989, Goudurix was widely regarded as an extremely rough ride. This was not made any better by its horribly hard over the shoulder restraints which rider's heads and necks would repeatedly bang against.

Over the years the theme park has tried to improve the ride experience through many modifications including replacing the trains, trying different wheels, and finally completely retracking the ride in 2013.

Sadly, its terrible reputation is hard to shake and despite all the money spent on changes, Goudurix is still a rough ride. It seems to be worse for some people than others, but those who can put up with the vibrating and jarring might believe that - although certainly far from the best - Goudurix is not actually quite the worst rollercoaster in the world ... even if it does come fairly close to the bottom of the list!

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