La Rivière d'Elis

Parc Astérix

Tour an Ancient Greek garden with Asterix and Obelix...

Theme ParkParc Astérix
Park AreaLa Grèce Antique
TypeBoat Ride
ManufacturerMack Rides
Duration4½ minutes
A boat ride through the gardens

A boat ride through the gardens

La Rivière d'Elis is a slow moving family boat ride through the beautiful Gardens of Olympia, at Parc Astérix in France.

The ride features four-seater round boats which float down a water channel past nicely maintained gardens and flower beds.

The floral themes change as the ride progresses and include miniature plants, aquatics, giants and especially strongly scented varieties. These compliment the theming which helps gives the feel of an Ancient Greek landscape.

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