La Trace du Hourra

Parc Astérix

Follow in the first footsteps of prehistoric man - hooray!

Theme ParkParc Astérix
Park AreaGaul
AudienceOlder Families and Thrillseekeers
Opened31 March 2001
ManufacturerMack Rides
Height102 ft
Length2953 ft
Max Speed37 mph
DesignerJean-Marc Toussaint
Speeding through the trees

Speeding through the trees

Most Bobsled coasters are painted white and set in a snowy alpine themed landscape, but Parc Astérix have taken an entirely unique approach with their version...

Instead of an icy bobsled run, La Trace du Hourra ("The Hooray Trail") is set in a prehistoric age where humans are about to learn to walk.

The coaster's track - painted brown - follows the route of a prehistoric man as he manages to stand on two feet, running down the hill weaving between rocks and shouting "hooray!" as he finally accomplishes the feat.

While the theme and backstory was dreamt up by Patrick Roger and Jean-Marc Toussaint, the ride hardware comes from German manufacturer Mack Rides. Their Bobsled Coaster design is unusual in that the trains spend most of the course rolling freely down a halfpipe shaped trough rather than affixed to a set of tracks. This provides for some thrilling moments, especially as the train rides up high around corners, with riders getting the feeling they are about to tip out over the edge!

Bobsled coasters are fun, but Trace du Hourra is perhaps even more so due to its unique theme plus its fast, long ride experience. Just one in a number of highlights at Parc Astérix.

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