Parc Astérix

Experience Ferdinand de Teffélé's latest oxygen purifying invention...

Theme ParkParc Astérix
Park AreaÀ Travers le Temps
TypeWater Ride
AudienceOlder Families and Thrillseekeers
Opened3 April 1999
ManufacturerWhiteWater West
ModelSpinning Rapids Ride
Height 66 ft
Length 1312 ft
DesignerFarmer Studios
Rafting down the water slide

Rafting down the water slide

L'Oxygenarium takes riders on a thrilling ride down a large water slide in an oversized circular rubber raft.

The attraction is a Spinning Rapids ride from WhiteWater West and features a 20 metre high, 195 metre long descent followed by a slower voyage through gardens and down a brick-walled river to return to the ride station.

The story behind L'Oxygenarium is that visitors have been invited to try out an invention designed to purify oxygen, designed in 1900 by Ferdinand de Teffélé utilising various pipes and pumps to circulate the air.

Unlike some other WhiteWater West Spinning Rapids installations (looking at you, Storm Surge at Thorpe Park!), L'Oxygenarium is beautifully themed - so much so it received the THEA Award for theming on a limited budget in 2001.

L'Oxygenarium looks great, and provides some nice family-friendly thrills as the rafts spin and splash their way down to the bottom. The imaginative story and theming really help propel the ride out of the ordinary group of standard water rides and towards something quite special.

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