Tonnerre de Zeus

Parc Astérix

Feel the force of a Greek god...

Theme ParkParc Astérix
Park AreaLa Grèce Antique
TypeWooden Rollercoaster
ManufacturerCustom Coasters International
Height98 ft
Length4044 ft
Max Speed52 mph
Duration3 minutes
Racing over an airtime hill

Racing over an airtime hill

Themed after Zeus' thunderbolt from Greek mythology, Tonnerre de Zeus is Parc Asterix's wooden rollercoaster.

When it opened in 1997 it was the park's headline attraction and rollercoaster enthusiasts from all over Europe flocked to Parc Astérix to try it out. It quickly became known one of the best wooden rollercoasters in Europe at the time, and still has many fans today.

Before getting to the coaster itself, visitors encounter a huge statue of Zeus with thunderbolt in hand guarding the entrance to the ride. If they look up while standing between his legs, they will notice the mighty Greek god's penchant for colourful underwear!

The rollercoaster was built by Custom Coasters International and features a 98 foot lift hill, a spectacular first drop which dives straight into a tunnel, two giant helices and multiple airtime hills within its figure of eight style layout.

Tonnerre de Zeus offers a wonderful thrilling ride which is well paced throughout. It remains one of the favourite coasters at Parc Astérix and is definitely worth a ride ... or several!

In November 2021 Parc Astérix announced that a major refurbishment would be carried out by The Gravity Group during the winter of 2021-22, with Tonnerre de Zeus reopening as Tonnerre 2 Zeus in April 2022 and featuring more airtime hills, a 90° drop and new Gravitykraft trains.

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