Become a Russian Cosmonaut as you launch into space for a trip to the Mir Space Station...

Theme ParkEuropa-Park
Park AreaRussia
Opened12 June 1997
ManufacturerMack Rides
ModelSpinning Coaster
Height92 ft
Length3215 ft
Max Speed50 mph
Duration5 minutes
Euro-Mir's track encircles the ride's giant glass towers

Euro-Mir's track encircles the ride's giant glass towers

Euro-Mir was Mack's first Spinning Coaster and takes riders on a trip into space around the Mir space station.

The rollercoaster is set in Europa Park's Russia section, with the track circling around five giant mirror covered towers. Pairs of riders sit back-to-back in circular spinning cars grouped into trains of four cars each. Unlike many spinning coasters, Euro-Mir's cars are not free-spinning but controlled by motors which spin the cars at several points during the ride.

Outside the ride entrance, visitors can start their space-themed experience by exploring a replica of the Mir Space Station which features an exhibition about life onboard. This is accessible to riders and non-riders alike.

The first part of the queueline consists of fairly uninspiring cattle-pens beneath the space station, with the more entertaining second half taking visitors through darkened UV lit corriders before eventually emerging into the space themed station itself. Loading the trains is done with typical German efficiency: there's no hanging around so pay attention, but don't worry about trying to choose between facing forward or backward - by the time the cars begin to spin it makes no difference!

Dropping and spinning

Dropping and spinning

Once boarded, the trains leave the station and proceed up Euro-Mir's 92ft spiral lift hill, which winds its way up inside one of the towers in almost complete darkness accompanied by a euro-dance soundtrack. It's almost impossible to not get pumped up by the music and have a little dance along under the cover of darkness. Near the top of the lift, riders find themselves circling around a Russian space rocket, before the track leaves through a door at the top of the tower and the rollercoaster ride begins.

It starts fairly sedately, circling the top of the mirrored glass towers along wild mouse switchback-style track. The cars start gently spinning, although as they are motor-driven at points this stops completely with riders finding themselves coming face-to-face with other passengers, and at other times the spinning intensifies and throws them sideways into their seats.

Things speed up and begin to get crazy as the track diverts away from the towers, dropping sharply and allowing the train to pick up a lot of speed as is twists and spins its way through several hills and drops. The finale comes with the train plunging into a tunnel via a sweeping drop, positive Gs pushing riders into their seats as it simulates a re-entry back into the Earth's atmosphere.

Euro-Mir is fun and exciting, but completely bonkers. It's one of my favourite rides at Europa Park, and its high capacity usually ensures that queue time waits are manageable. Such a huge ride with its massive towers would be unthinkable at most theme parks, but at Europa Park it fits right in.

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