Wodan Timbur Coaster


Ride into the heart of Norse mythology...

Theme ParkEuropa-Park
Park AreaIceland
TypeWooden Rollercoaster
Opened31 March 2012
ManufacturerGreat Coasters International
Height131 ft
Length3445 ft
Max Speed62 mph
Cost€10 million
Duration2¼ minutes
ExtrasOn-Ride Photos
Single Rider Queue
Wodan's Millennium Flyer train

Wodan's Millennium Flyer train

Taking Norse mythology as its theme, Wodan Timbur Coaster is one of the world's best wooden rollercoasters and towers over the Iceland area at Europa Park.

Unusually for rides at Europa Park, Wodan is one of very few not manufactured by Mack themselves (the other notable exception being Silver Star). Instead, Wodan was built by the highly regarded Great Coasters International (GCI). Their tradition of excellence has continued with Wodan, which is regularly ranked amongst the best wooden coasters in the world.

The ride is named after the Norse god Odin, Wodan being an approximation of the Old Saxon form of his name. Norse mythology is strongly represented in the highly detailed theming of the ride's queueline and station. Much of the queueline is indoors and features special effects and projections to keep waiting visitors entertained.

Once riders are sat in one of Wodan's three comfortable GCI Millennium Flyer trains, the ride sets off toward the 40 metre tall lift hill. At the top of this are two fire breathing wooden statues which shoot flames into the air as the train nears them. From here comes an amazing first drop that dives through the heart of the coaster's wooden support structure, giving the train huge amounts of speed and energy to push it through the rest of the twisting, turning layout. Along the way, riders will come across both Blue Fire and Atlantica SuperSplash as the track intertwines with them.

Wodan is intense and powerful from start to finish, yet beautifully smooth and well paced. While it is not the most forceful woodie in the world nor one with the greatest airtime, it feels perfectly balanced. A ride on Wodan in the daytime is wonderful, but at night it becomes absolutely incredible with the powerful heat of the lift hill flames and the out of control feeling as the train races through the darkness.

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