Hamburg Dom

Hamburg, Germany

North Germany's largest fair, held three times a year in the centre of the city of Hamburg...

First Held1329
SeasonThree times a year for a month in spring, summer and winter
NearbyHeide Park (37 miles)
Hansa Park (49 miles)
Legoland Billund (154 miles)
Attractiepark Slagharen (155 miles)
De Waarbeek (160 miles)
Crowds at the Summer Dom in 2019

Crowds at the Summer Dom in 2019

Hamburg Dom is the largest public fair in Northern Germany, and can trace its roots back to the 11th Century.

Today's Dom is held three times a year in the centre of Hamburg for a month at a time. It attracts some of Europe's best fairground rides to exhibit along with a variety of special events and stalls offering a spectacular selection of traditional German snacks and other foods. A fireworks display is put on every Friday night of the fair, at around 10:30pm.

The name "Dom" ("Cathedral" in German) comes from a centuries old tradition where entertainers and other merchants would seek shelter for the winter in Hamburg's old Sankt Mariendom cathedral. A fair was first recorded as being held in front of the cathedral in 1329, and this continued during special feasts such as Christmas (and thus a precursor to Germany's Christmas fair tradition) until the Reformation when fairs began being held at other times too. After the old cathedral was demolished in 1804, the fair moved first to Gänsemarkt Square ("Geese Market Square") and then on to its current home on Heiligengeistfeld ("Field of the Holy Spirit") in 1893, all the time retaining the cathedral name.

The annual winter fair was expanded in the 1930s to add a springtime market, with a new summer market added after the Second World War. Today, visitors to Hamburg can experience "the Dom" during April, August and November and walk between over two miles of stands, rides and other activities.


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