Hansa Park

Float through the magical flowers and gardens...

Theme ParkHansa Park
Park AreaAlter Jahrmarkt
TypeBoat Ride
ManufacturerMack Rides
Boats pass through the manicured gardens

Boats pass through the manicured gardens

Blumenmeer-Bootsfahrt ("Flower Magic" Boat Tour) is a gentle, relaxing boat ride in Hansa Park's Old Time Funfair area.

Boats float through a water channel which passes through beautifully tended gardens and colourful flower beds.

Along the way, riders can spot twirling toadstools, a waterfall, elves, plus model animals including rabbits, mice and bears.

Blumenmeer-Bootsfahrt is stunningly beautiful, and a gives lovely break from the more intense attractions on offer at Hansa Park.

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