Die Glocke

Hansa Park

It's time to ring the giant bell over Hansa Park...

Theme ParkHansa Park
TypeGyro Swing
Height 92 ft
Capacity 6 guests per ride
Die Glocke

Die Glocke

Die Glocke, or The Bell in English, was a giant bell themed gyro swing ride at Hansa-Park.

The ride was manufactured by Funtime Industries and opened at Hansa-Park in 2008. It was removed at the end of 2019 to make way for the new Awildas Welt themed area which was supposed to open in 2020, but was delayed until 2021 due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Die Glocke would swing 28 metres into the air, with riders seated around the bell's central clapper. Unfortunately, capacity was tiny: there were just six seats per ride. It was, however, a great sensation feeling as though you were inside the bell about to collide with its sides as it rung.

As with many rides at Hansa Park, possibly the best part of Die Glocke was its magnificent theming. The unique bell surround supposedly added significantly to construction costs, with some reports estimating it cost at least two million euros to build.

Even with its small capacity, Die Glocke was a superb ride and fitted in very much with the overall Hansa Park vibe.

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