Die Schlange von Midgard

Hansa Park

Sail in a ship along with two Viking children on an encounter with the legendary serpent of Midgard...

Theme ParkHansa Park
Park AreaWikingerland
Opened15 April 2011
ModelFamily Coaster
Height33 ft
Length656 ft
Max Speed28 mph
Circling the serpent

Circling the serpent

Die Schlange von Midgard (The Serpent of Midgard) is a family rollercoaster in the Land of the Vikings section of Hansa Park.

Manufactured by Gerstlauer, the ride takes children on a journey into the mythical world of Viking gods and legends. Much of the coaster is over water, with the track circling around the legendary serpent itself.

The journey begins in the beautifully themed station, with riders boarding the train which is designed to look like a Viking ship. There's a lovely dark ride section before the track plunges downwards into the open air, the train circling over the lake before re-entering the station ready for a second lap.

With the smooth layout and attention to detail in the theming, Die Schlange von Midgard is one of the best junior/family coasters out there and is a real credit to Hansa Park.

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