Royal Scotsman

Hansa Park

All aboard the luxury Scottish steam train!

Theme ParkHansa Park
Park AreaBezauberndes Britannien
ModelJunior Coaster
Height53 ft
Length1713 ft
Max Speed31 mph
Family coaster

Family coaster

Royal Scotsman (formerly Rasender Roland) is a train themed family coaster which winds its way through Hansa Park's Enchanting Britain area.

The rollercoaster is a Junior Coaster from Vekoma and features a steam locomotive themed train which navigates around the ride's curves and gentle hills.

One of the highlights of the ride is its interaction with Nessie, Hansa's classic Schwarzkopf rollercoaster, which Royal Scotsman weaves around. At one point it even passes directly through Nessie's vertical loop.

Overall Royal Scotsman is well paced, with its long track length never feeling too boring (helped by the Nessie interactions!)

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