Störtebekers Kaperfahrt

Hansa Park

Board your raft for a wet and wild adventure as you join infamous pirate Störtebeker on a seabourn raid...

Theme ParkHansa Park
Park AreaDie Reiche des Nordens
TypeWater Ride
AudienceOlder Families
ManufacturerWhiteWater West
ModelSpinning Rapids Ride
Height 66 ft
Length 699 ft
Störtebekers Kaperfahrt

Störtebekers Kaperfahrt

Störtebekers Kaperfahrt (Störtebeker's Sea Raid) is Hansa Park's giant pirate themed inflatable raft ride.

Guests board 6-seater circular dinghies inside a castle building, before being taken up a 70m long conveyor belt to the top of a spiralling water slide.

The rafts swirl around as they spin down the fast-flowing water filled trough, then splash into the river below and float back to the ride station.

Compared with some other similar spinning raft rides from Whitewater West, Störtebekers Kaperfahrt is very well themed and the bottom river section is beautifully landscaped. The water slide is painted green, which goes a long way to making it less prominent - unlike the eyesore that is Thorpe Park's version.

Störtebekers Kaperfahrt is a fun ride, and provides an excellent way to cool down without getting "too wet" on a summer's day.

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