Super Splash

Hansa Park

Creating the largest splash in the park...

Theme ParkHansa Park
Park AreaWasserspaß
TypeShoot the Chutes
AudienceOlder Families and Thrillseekeers
Length 984 ft
Highest Drop 53 ft
Super Splash

Super Splash

Super Splash is Hansa Park's spillwater ride, guaranteed to create a big splash in the Water Fun area of the park.

The ride was built in-house and opened in 1986. It features six-seater boats and a 16 metre tall drop, which creates a large splash - although most of the water is projected to the sides of the boat so it is not as drenching wet as some other spillwater type rides.

Super Splash's water channel follows a fairly simple course. From the station it curves slightly left then straight on towards the conveyor belt lift. At the top of the lift the channel turns 180° right. From here riders can look out over parts of the park and the neighbouring area.

After the turn comes the big drop: the boat races down this, briefly launching into the air midway as it hits a hump designed to give riders a small pop of airtime. At the bottom the boat pushes a huge volume of water upwards and outwards, causing a big wave to project into the air as the boat slows down. With riders brushing off the worst of the water spray, it is a short right turn to lead the boat back to the station.

Super Splash is simple, but fun. It doesn't have quite the same finese as some other shoot the chutes, but it is a welcome attraction at Hansa Park - especially on hot days.

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