Wildwasserfahrt - Der Wasserwolf am Ilmensee

Hansa Park

Float down river through lumberjack's camp...

Theme ParkHansa Park
Park AreaHolzfällerlager
TypeLog Flume
ManufacturerArrow Development
ModelLog Flume
Length 1312 ft
Highest Drop 49 ft
Splashing down the main drop

Splashing down the main drop

A thrilling soaking awaits visitors brave enough to ride Hansa Park's log flume through the forests in the park's Lumberjack Camp area.

Wildwasserfahrt - Der Wasserwolf am Ilmensee (Wild Water Ride - The Great Pike), to give it its full name, has riders seated in five-person log themed boats floating through a water channel and over two drops.

The ride was opened at Hansa-Park in 1977 and was originally manufactured by Arrow Development.

Unusually, even though the log flume features two drops it only has one conveyor-belt driven lift hill, which comes just before the main 15 metre high finale splashdown.

Wildwasserfahrt is a lot of fun, especially on a sunny day, even if its placement right next to the similar Super Splash Spillwater ride could be seen to be a little odd!

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