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Daily parade featuring floats and live performers...

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A market wagon heads up the Hansa-Park Parade

A market wagon heads up the Hansa-Park Parade

Hansa-Park's Parade takes place daily and features a large assortment of floats which travel along a route around the park.

The Parade begins at the Kungstorget food outlet where it emerges from behind a large gateway at 3pm every afternoon.

Depending on the day, there are up to thirteen floats and around 35 live performers and dancers to watch. There are vehicles including a market wagon, taxi and fire engine, plus a stagecoach, Viking boat and Indian teepee all on view.

The Parade takes around half an hour to complete the route. Spectactors can expect it to take three or four minutes for the entire set of floats to pass them viewing from a single vantage point.

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