Heide Park

Soltau, Lower Saxony, Germany

Heide Park, owned by Merlin Entertainments, is the largest theme park in Northern Germany. Headline attractions include Colossos, a massive wooden rollercoaster; Krake, a B&M dive coaster; and Flug der Dämonen, a B&M wing coaster.

Opened19 August 1978
SeasonApril to October
OwnerMerlin Entertainments
Attendance950,000 (TEA 2020)
NearbyHamburg Dom (37 miles)
Hansa Park (82 miles)
De Waarbeek (139 miles)
Attractiepark Slagharen (141 miles)
Avonturenpark Hellendoorn (151 miles)
Heide Park entrance

Heide Park entrance

Heide Park is one of the largest theme parks in Germany, and is currently owned by UK based Merlin Entertainments.

The park contains a variety of attractions, including Germany's first Wing Coaster Flug der Dämonen, and Colossos which at 159ft features one of the longest wooden rollercoaster drops in the world.

The influence of Merlin (and Tussauds Group before that) can be seen throughout the park both in terms of ride selection and theming. Colossos was recently rethemed with a huge flaming head over the track similar to Alton Towers' Wicker Man, and Heide Park's Desert Race Intamin Accelerator coaster is a near identical clone of Rita.

Heide Park's best ride is Krake, a B&M Dive Coaster opened in 2011 with a great seamonster theme and a superb vertical dive through a shipwreck and straight out into an immelmann inversion.

A few years ago there seemed to be little sense in some of Heide Park's ride additions, leading to the park having two observation towers, two pirate ships and two log flumes for a time. Luckily the insanity has largely been rectified now, with one of the log flumes' sites being used for Flug der Dämonen, one of the pirate ships being moved to Legoland Windsor, and one of the observation towers being converted into the Scream drop tower.

Whereas Merlin's UK parks sometimes suffer from a lack of competition, in the theme park filled Germany Merlin have had to up their game with Heide Park. Although their corporate focus is still in evidence, Heide Park feels higher quality than some of their other parks and has a substantial selection of quality rides to keep visitors entertained.


Flug der Dämonen

Flug der Dämonen

Unfortunately not the smoothest example of a B&M Wing Coaster



A massive wooden rollercoaster



Spectacular Dive Coaster from B&M

Mountain Rafting

Mountain Rafting

Great version of the classic rapids ride


Heide Park Fandays 2014 video

Heide Park Fandays 2014

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