Heide Park

Can you escape from the Kraken monster and its powerful tentacles?

Theme ParkHeide Park
Park AreaBucht der Piraten
Opened16 April 2011
ManufacturerBolliger & Mabillard
ModelDive Coaster
Height135 ft
Length1562 ft
Max Speed64 mph
Duration1¼ minutes
Emerging from the Kraken

Emerging from the Kraken

Krake is a nautical themed Dive Coaster at Heide Park, named after the infamous sea monster and the German word for Octopus.

The ride was manufactured by Bolliger & Mabillard and features the firm's floorless trains which give riders an increased feeling of openness.

Undoubtedly the photo-spot moment of Krake is the spectacular 40 metre drop at a 87-degree angle straight into the mouth of a giant octopus which is midway through consuming a huge pirate ship. The train emerges from the bottom of the ship throwing a huge cloud of water into the air from behind it, then races upwards straight into an Immelmann loop.

In common with many Dive Coasters, Krake is quite short. It does, however, manage to squeeze in an airtime hill and banked turn after the inversion before it hits the final brakes.

Krake doesn't quite reach the impressive heights of Griffon, but the floorless trains and inversion are welcome additions over the prototype Oblivion at Merlin's Alton Towers (although it still doesn't beat the dive into the hole in the ground). It is though king of the coasters at Heide Park, and worth a ride. If only it was a bit longer!

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