Adventure Park Cimone

Sestola, Emilia-Romagna, Italy

Adventure Park Cimone sits high on a mountainside in the Apennines, and hosts a broad range of adventurous activities.
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The chairlift disappearing through the trees

The chairlift disappearing through the trees

Adventure Park Cimone sits high up on a mountainside in the Apennine Mountains. It offers a wide range of outdoor activities including tree climbing, zip lines and abseiling.

The main draw for rollercoaster enthusiasts is the park's alpine coaster, a 2231 feet long single pipe mountain coaster from Brandauer called Funbob. The ride is accessed via a chairlift that takes riders even higher up Mount Cimone. There are some great views of the coaster as the chairlift climbs, but of course the real views are to be had from Funbob itself.

The ride is insanely steep in places, and can reach a maximum speed of 30 miles per hour. Riders can control their own speed via a brake lever attached to the sled, but of course the fun is to try to reach the bottom with minimal braking! It's quite a trek to the park, but a ride on Funbob - and the mountain views - make the trip well worth it.




Single rail alpine coaster



Chairlift which takes riders high up the mountain