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Cavallino Matto's largest ride...

Theme ParkCavallino Matto
Opened18 July 2015
ModelStand Up
Height88 ft
Length2210 ft
Max Speed51 mph
Duration1½ minutes
Freestyle magnificent in the sunshine

Freestyle magnificent in the sunshine

Occupying a separate area of land at the back of the main park, Freestyle is Cavallino Matto's stand up rollercoaster and by far its largest ride.

The rollercoaster opened at the Italian park in 2015, having coming from Canada's Wonderland where it had operated as SkyRider for 29 years from 1985 to 2014.

Freestyle was originally manufactured by TOGO and was the Japanese company's second Stand Up coaster. Between its time in Canada and its arrival at Cavallino Matto it was overhauled and repainted in a very smart looking yellow and green colour scheme, which gleams under the Italian sunshine.

While it was at Canada's Wonderland, SkyRider was known as being one of the smoother Stand Up coasters, and this remains true in its new location. In fact, it perhaps rides even better as Freestyle, the vertical loop, helix and airtime hills all offering relatively smooth transitions and an overall exhilarating and pleasant experience.

Freestyle is a magnificent addition to Cavallino Matto. Although a juxtaposition against the park's other small family friendly attractions, the rollercoaster seems right at home and is a real highlight at the park, which is clearly proud of their acquisition and is looking after it extremely well.

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