Cinecittà World

Are you brave enough to journey into the nine circles of Hell from Dante's Inferno?

Theme ParkCinecittà World
Park AreaAdventure Land
Opened24 July 2014
ModelFamily Drop Coaster
A warning is projected in the ride station

A warning is projected in the ride station

Inferno is one of Cinecittà World's indoor attractions, and is an enclosed rollercoaster that takes place inside the park's Theatre 2 soundstage.

Named Darkmare when it premiered with the opening of the park in 2014, it takes riders into Hell on a journey through Dante's Inferno's nine circles. Even the most resolute guests must question whether this really is an experience for them as they look up and see the warning "you who are entering this place, lose all hope" projected onto the station walls.

Despite the warnings, Inferno is actually a fairly tame family rollercoaster and uses the same ride technology as Th13teen at Alton Towers. Inferno though is completely enclosed, which allows for a more immersive experience utilising projections and other effects to simulate a descent into Hell. This definitely gives its initial section the edge over Th13teen's glide through the woodland.

Inferno's drop section takes place surrounded by flames and Hell fire, but it can't quite match Th13teen's spectacular crypt. The backwards section is where Th13teen really comes alive as it accelerates quickly out of the crypt, but Inferno's feels rather tame by comparison and a bit of a damp squib at what should be the climax of the ride. Overall it is hard to say which is better: Inferno's first section followed by Th13teen's finale would make for close to the ultimate horror themed family coaster. In themselves, both are very good at what they do too.

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