Blue Tornado


Feel the extreme forces of a flight in a fighter jet ... or more likely feel the extreme pain of an SLC ...

Theme ParkGardaland
ModelSuspended Looping Coaster (SLC) 765m extended with Helix
Height109 ft
Length2510 ft
Max Speed50 mph
Duration1¾ minutes
Blue Tornado

Blue Tornado

Blue Tornado is Gardaland's highspeed supersonic jet themed rollercoaster, which may have Top Gun aerial combat aspirations but makes its riders feel more like they've lost a fist fight during a pub brawl.

The ride is a standard Vekoma SLC with an additional helix. Believe me, that's not a positive - it just makes the agony last longer.

Vekoma Suspended Looping Coasters are famed for being rough and uncomfortable, with rider's heads being bashed against the restraints throughout the ride. Blue Tornado is no exception: while it may look good from the ground, the reality is an extremely painful rattling journey through badly formed steel without any kind of finese that you might expect from a highly trained fighter jet. Rather than exiting the ride with adrenaline pumping, you're more likely to leave with a bad headache.

Blue Tornado is definitely a coaster to skip, unless you're a coaster counter desperate for your credit. For everybody else, perhaps its better to just watch from the sidelines and admire the model Tornado jet which sits on the station roof.

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