Fuga da Atlantide


Explore the ancient lost city of Atlantis...

Theme ParkGardaland
TypeShoot the Chutes
ModelSuper Splash
Length 2297 ft
Highest Drop 49 ft
Making waves

Making waves

Similar to the neighbouring Jungle Rapids, Fuga da Atlantide is a very nicely themed water ride at Gardaland.

It's an Intamin Super Splash, which is a half-flume, half-water coaster style ride.

Fuga da Atlantide is set in the fictional lost city of Atlantis, and has guests floating through the flooded city and sent in to the realms of the gods.

The ride features two drops, with the largest being 15 metres high. Even so, you won't get soaked on the ride, although expect a very heavy misting!

The quality of theming is excellent, and the whole ride looks great. Fuga da Atlantide is another highlight in Gardaland's fantastic ride lineup.

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