Jungle Rapids


Float through the Burmese Jungle and encounter ancient temple ruins...

Theme ParkGardaland
TypeRiver Rapids Ride
AudienceOlder Families and Thrillseekeers
ModelRapids Ride
Length 1969 ft
Duration4 minutes
Jungle Rapids

Jungle Rapids

Gardaland's Jungle Rapids is the park's whitewater rapids ride which takes riders floating along a river through the jungles of Myanmar.

While it could just be a standard Intamin Rapids Ride, Jungle Rapids is elevated by the level of theming detail. It all starts with the impressive station set in an old temple, and continues throughout the ride as visitors float through the jungle.

As the journey progresses they will come up close to ruins and statues, and wildlife such as tigers and huge model elephants. There's a great "dark ride" section too, where boats enter a mysterious darkened chamber.

Unlike some rapids rides, there's not a particularly high chance of coming off too wet, although if the boat gets stuck beside one of Jungle Rapids' waterfall walls then one of the boat's occupants is in for a drenching. Close to the end is a nice whirlpool section which, although maybe a little underwhelming when actually in the midst of it, looks great and is a nice novelty not often found on rapids rides.

If only for the theming, Jungle Rapids is a highly recommended "must do" Gardaland ride.

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