Ortobruco Tour


Ride a giant caterpillar through a magical garden...

Theme ParkGardaland
TypeKiddie Coaster
1993 (extended)
Height40 ft
Length1640 ft
Max Speed25 mph
Duration3 minutes
Ortobruco Tour

Ortobruco Tour

Ortobruco Tour is Gardaland's insanely long kiddie coaster that carries young riders through a magical garden.

Riders sit inside a giant orange caterpillar themed train, which requires six tyre driven lift hills to make sure it makes it all the way around the track!

Reports suggest that the original rollercoaster was extended in 1993 to give Ortobruco Tour its current 1640 foot long track.

It's questionable whether a kiddie coaster really needs to be as long as Ortobruco Tour, but it certainly gives kids a nice long ride, and it allows Gardaland to claim to have one of the largest kiddie coasters in the world!

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