An ancient predator has been disturbed from its sleep beneath the ground during construction work at Gardaland...

Theme ParkGardaland
Opened1 April 2011
ManufacturerBolliger & Mabillard
ModelWing Coaster
Height108 ft
Length2526 ft
Max Speed56 mph
Duration1½ minutes
A flight on Raptor

A flight on Raptor

While wing rider coasters, where riders sit on "wings" either side of the track, had already been built at several parks around the world by the time Gardaland opened Raptor, this was the first of B&M's Wing Coaster model to be launched.

Wing coasters give riders the feeling of, as the name might well imply, riding on the wings of some gigantic beast as it flies through the sky, narrowly missing obstacles in its path, barrel rolling and skimming the ground as it goes. Thus, Raptor's theme is very apt: some previously unknown beast unearthed during construction of a new rollercoaster at Gardaland (sound familiar?), awakened from its slumber and now wreaking chaos and destruction. Guests are caught up by the beast, which drags them along on its flight of furious venegence, leaving ruined buildings in its wake.

Raptor is a great ride - it is more intense than some other wing coasters, but feels very much like being on a frenzied flight with a confused, out-of-control predator. The theming works well adding to the ride experience, with multiple close encounters with partially destroyed buildings, a water splash and a last minute change of angle to allow Raptor to pass through a narrow metal rectangle across the track.

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