Get a guaranteed soaking on the world's tallest water coaster...

Theme ParkMirabilandia
Park AreaRoute 66
Opened16 June 2012
ModelWater Coaster
Height164 ft
Length2516 ft
Max Speed59 mph
Duration3 minutes


Divertical opened at Mirabilandia in 2012 as the world's tallest water coaster.

The ride was Intamin's first water coaster installation, and sits in a large manmade pool along one edge of the park.

Divertical features a spectacular elevator lift, which raises boats 164ft into the air at high speed. The lift is as scary as it is iconic: boats tilt slightly sideways as they make their way up, in order that they can pass the opposite lift platform as it descends back down.

Once they reach the top, the boats fly down a steep drop and splash through the water at the bottom before climbing back up a hill ready for the main coaster section. This comprises a 180° turn and then a helix to get the boat lined up for the main splash down.

Riders are guaranteed a soaking as the boat plunges into the pool's crystal blue water - it looks like the front row is likely to get it the worst, but water spills over the sides as well into the laps of everybody.

As the first installation of its type, Divertical is fairly basic with minimal theming, but proves Intamin's water coaster concept and provides plenty of fun on a hot Italian day!

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