Gold Digger


Ride a mine cart into the heart of the Far West...

Theme ParkMirabilandia
Park AreaFar West Valley
ManufacturerL&T Systems
ModelWild Mouse
Height48 ft
Length1183 ft
Duration1½ minutes
Gold Digger

Gold Digger

One of the older attractions at Mirabilandia, Gold Digger is the park's wild mouse rollercoaster which was first opened in 1998.

The ride is an L&T Systems Wild Mouse, and features the typical tight switchback curves and steep drops of the model.

Cars have been themed to look like mine carts, and the track is set within some vague mine workings style theming which includes a wooden shed that the coaster runs through at one point.

When it opened in 1998 the rollercoaster was simply called "Wild Mouse". It became "Pakal - Il Tesoro di Palenque" (Pakal - The Treasure of Palenque) in 2000 and took on a more Mayan theme and storyline to fit with the nearby Katun. In 2016 it was renamed again when it was incorporated into the Far West Valley area of the park and became "Gold Digger", at the same time losing the Mayan backstory.

Gold Digger is one of the more violent wild mouse coasters around and, especially since acquiring its generic wild west gold mine theme, is a pretty standard wild mouse with little to elevate it above an average ride: Mirabilandia has much superior rollercoasters to it.

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