Race at the speed of a Formula 1 car...

Theme ParkMirabilandia
Park AreaRoute 66
Opened20 May 2009
ModelBlitz Coaster
Height180 ft
Length3215 ft
Max Speed68 mph
Duration1 minute
Climbing the top hat

Climbing the top hat

Accelerating riders from 0 to 110 kilometres per hour in 2.2 seconds, iSpeed is the fastest rollercoaster at Mirabilandia.

As one of Intamin's breed of Blitz Coasters (also known as Intamin LSM Launch Coasters), it provides an intense and exciting ride which the theme park even claim is the number one rollercoaster in Europe! While that title may be up for debate, it is definitely an excellent coaster.

iSpeed's racing car themed trains leave the station and are accelerated along the launch track straight up into a signature Top Hat element. From here the track is a twisting mass of sweeping turns and airtime hills together with both a corkscrew and inline twist inversion. Compared with some other Blitz Coasters, iSpeed's layout is more compact which allows for more interactions, crossovers and head-chooper moments as the train passes close to other sections of track multiple times during the circuit.

The only slight let down with iSpeed is the hard restraint design, which (admittedly after several re-rides!) can become a little painful on the upper legs as it pushes down during some of the more intense parts of the ride and during moments of ejector airtime. The over-the-shoulder bars are rigid too, but luckily iSpeed is less rough than some other Intamin coasters so neck bashing can be kept to a minimum if riders brace themselves.

Overall, iSpeed is a fantastic rollercoaster and one of the highlights in Mirabilandia's ride collection. Ride operations seem pretty efficient, which helps the queue move quickly and allows for multiple re-rides.

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