Leprotto Express


Join Otto Leprotto on a trip through a giant vegetable patch...

Theme ParkMirabilandia
Park AreaBimbopoli
ManufacturerL&T Systems
ModelJunior Coaster
Height20 ft
Length443 ft
Max Speed21 mph
Leprotto Express

Leprotto Express

Leprotto Express is Mirabilandia's smallest rollercoaster and most suitable for younger children visiting the theme park.

The ride is named after Otto Leprotto who is one of the park's mascots. The rollercoaster itself is a Junior Coaster model manufactured by L&T Systems.

During the journey Leprotto Express' train weaves around a magic garden complete with some nice theming details including a giant oversized vegetable patch featuring carrots, strawberries and cauliflower.

While it is a simple children's rollercoaster, it is nice to see that Mirabilandia has put a bit of effort into Leprotto Express. The huge vegetables are a nice touch, and make it seem much more interesting than a standard kiddie coaster.

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