Master Thai


Mad Max takes on Shadow Master in a race through the jungle...

Theme ParkMirabilandia
Park AreaAdventureland
AudienceOlder Families and Thrillseekeers
Opened5 August 2011
ManufacturerPreston & Barbieri
ModelDouble Coaster
The start of the race

The start of the race

Master Thai is Mirabilandia's duelling rollercoaster, the first of its kind to be built in Italy.

Pairs of trains race each other along neighbouring courses around a temple set within a dense Thailand jungle, with Mad Max taking on Shadow Master.

Most duelling rollercoasters operate using two separate tracks. However, Master Thai's track forms a möbius loop, with both "tracks" actually formed by one continuous circuit of track. Riders board the trains from a pair of station platforms. Each train returns to the opposite platform, before both are despatched again for a re-match, this time running on the other half of the circuit.

The station theming is well done, with the Thai temple looking great. However, the rest is rather disappointing with most of the track set on top of a simple concrete base with little of the supposed dense jungle in evidence.

Master Thai is a rollercoaster suitable for families. While the racing element is fun and the temple theming is nice, the actual ride is quite small and pretty average - especially since it can be quite rough.

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