Join an expedition into post-apocalyptic New York City...

Theme ParkMirabilandia
Park AreaRoute 66
TypeInteractive Dark Ride
AudienceOlder Families and Thrillseekeers
Opened28 June 2008
ManufacturerMack Rides
Duration4½ minutes


Reset is an interactive dark ride which sends riders into a futuristic New York City, which has been partially destroyed by a large meteor storm hundreds of years previously.

As part of a scientific expedition to explore what remains, they travel in small spacecraft armed with heat detectors and laser guns, and must hunt down as many radiation infected targets and alien lifeforms as they can find during their journey through the former city streets, with danger seemingly lurking around every corner.

Reset opened at Mirabilandia in 2008 as the first interactive dark ride in Italy. When it first opened, the ride was known by its full title of "Reset: Anno Zero" (Reset: Year Zero), although in more recent years the extra subtitle has been dropped.

The theming is impressive, taking riders through scenes including a subway station, sewer, grocery store and city street. This continues outside Reset too, with the area surrounding the ride featuring various New York City type theming and even a destroyed Statue of Liberty.

The dark ride is housed within a former TV studio building that used to be outside the park, which means Reset feels a bit detached from the rest of Mirabilandia and visitors have a bit of a walk to get to it.

Reset is a nice dark ride with some great theming and a fairly inventive storyline. It provides a different experience to the rest of the rides at Mirabilandia, and is well worth seeking out.

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