Rio Bravo


Navigate through the treacherous waters of the Rio Bravo...

Theme ParkMirabilandia
Park AreaAdventureland
TypeRiver Rapids Ride
AudienceOlder Families and Thrillseekeers
ModelRapids Ride
Length 1640 ft
Riding through the torrent

Riding through the torrent

Rio Bravo is Mirabilandia's whitewater rapids ride and was one of the theme park's opening day attractions.

Riders sit in 9-seater circular boats which are whisked down a rough ranging torrent of water through a jungle and past a rocky canyon, with waves splashing over the sides of the boat and soaking the poor unsuspecting park visitors.

It was the first rapids ride to be built in Italy, and was manufactured by Swiss amusement company Intamin. It is also one of the longer rapids rides and features plenty of variety along the way.

Halfway through the ride the boat turns a corner to reveal a narrow passage with waterfalls cascading down both sides - it is almost impossible to avoid getting wet. The finale is, however, by far the wettest: with the boat having picked up speed through a particularly rough section of rapids, it slows down to pass underneath a tunnel formed of water jets. While most of these squirt overhead, more than a few are aimed right into the boat!

Rio Bravo is a great version of a rapids ride and manages to combine a good mix of rapids, waterfalls and jets which make sure there is both fun and a potential drenching around every turn.

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