Grosso Guaio a Stunt City


The Hot Wheels team perform incredible stunts...

Theme ParkMirabilandia
TypeStunt Show
AudienceAll Ages
LocationStunt Arena
The incredible vertical loop finale

The incredible vertical loop finale

Grosso Guaio a Stunt City ("Big Trouble in Stunt City") was a half hour stunt show which ran several times a day at Mirabilandia for three seasons between 2015 and 2017.

Following a partnership agreement with Mattel, the show featured a Hot Wheels theme with a colourful set and cars built to look like the children's car toys. A big screen was used to ensure the audience were right up close to the action at all times.

Centre stage was a massive orange loop standing 18 metres high (the tallest ever used in an amusement park stunt show). During the finale, a hot wheels car raced through the loop, turning upside down as it did a full 360° circle.

Along with the hot wheels cars were motorbikes and monster trucks racing around the arena, all performing some spectacular motor vehicle stunts.

Compared to some theme park stunt shows, Grosso Guaio a Stunt City was very impressive. There was a decent variety of vehicles and stunts, and somewhat of a storyline to follow (in Italian, but it wasn't that hard to work out what was going on!). The original show was replaced for the 2018 season with a revamped effort called Sfida a Hot Wheels City.

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