Gold Rush

Attractiepark Slagharen

Join in the excitement of the California Gold Rush...

Theme ParkAttractiepark Slagharen
Opened13 April 2017
ModelInfinity Coaster
Height108 ft
Length1312 ft
Max Speed59 mph
Gold Rush

Gold Rush

Slagharen visitors are transported back to the Californian Gold Rush of 1848 as they ride the Wild West themed park's 2017 rollercoaster, Gold Rush.

The rollercoaster is a launched version of a Gerstlauer Infinity Coaster, with riders experiencing three launches. The train is initially accelerated forwards out of the station up one side of a top hat element. It rolls back and is launched backwards as it returns to the station, partway up another steep slope. Rolling forwards into the station it is launched forwards once more, this time at full power to send it up and over the first top hat and onwards through the rest of the circuit.

Gold Rush's main layout features a big overbanked turn, airtime hill and dive loop which the train navigates before returning into the station. Rather than imploying a separate brake run, the station's launch system is used to slow the train.

Gold Rush is a smooth, fun ride which looks great sitting at one end of Slagharen's Main Street. If there's one complaint, it's only that the ride is a little short and it doesn't always offer great re-ride potential: Because of the way it launches forwards and backwards through the station it can only support a single train operation, which can lead to long queues on busy days.

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