Avonturenpark Hellendoorn

Ride through the gusty winds of the Tornado...

Theme ParkAvonturenpark Hellendoorn
ModelMK-1200 Tornado
Height82 ft
Length1509 ft
Max Speed37 mph
Duration1 minute
Corkscrew inversion

Corkscrew inversion

Given the rest of its attractions are aimed at young families, Tornado is Hellendoorn's slightly out-of-place large looping rollercoaster.

The ride is one of only three Tornado variants of Vekoma's widespread MK-1200 model coasters, and features a corkscrew and vertical loop.

It sits in a forest clearing and is surrounded by trees and mature plants, which makes for a very pretty scene with the bright yellow track set against the deep leafy greens.

However, there's more to beauty than looks alone. Unfortunately Tornado rides horribly - it's painfully rough and features a range of shunts and bangs throughout the ride. Others have gone as far as to label it as "a pile of crap" and I fear that's sadly an accurate description.

Mercifully, at around one minute from bottom of the lift hill to final brakes, Tornado is relatively short. And that, apart from it looks nice, is about all the positive things to be said about it.

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