Nautic Jet

De Waarbeek

Slide down a narrow rail and splash into the water below...

Theme ParkDe Waarbeek
TypeNautic Jet
Airbourne on the Nautic Jet!

Airbourne on the Nautic Jet!

Nautic Jets have become increasingly rare in recent years, so when you discover one at a park they are a joy to see.

De Waarbeek's version is self-operated, with riders sitting inside a single person "boat" and pushing a button to start the process of hauling the boat slowly up to the top of a slope from which it slides down, over a "jump" and hops into a pond below.

After floating about in the water for a few seconds, the boat is then slowly pulled back to the bottom of the slope ready for the rider to disembark.

Nautic Jet rides sound like a health and safety nightmare, which is perhaps why many have disappeared from safety conscious parks. Luckily De Waarbeek's can still be found hidden behind the park's main building, and is fantastic fun.

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