Race through the forest onboard a Swiss bobsled...

Theme ParkEfteling
Park AreaAnderrijk
Opened4 April 1985
Closed1 September 2019
ModelSwiss Bob
Height66 ft
Length1719 ft
Max Speed37 mph
Capacity 700 riders per hour
Duration1¾ minutes
ExtrasOn-Ride Photos
Single Rider Queue


A snowy alpine ski resort in the middle of the Netherlands? That's what Bob brought to Efteling!

Bob (sometimes known as "Bobbaan") was Efteling's bobsled rollercoaster, which gave visitors the chance to experience the thrill of a bobsled race.

Unusually compared to a normal rollercoaster, Bob's sleds would glide freely down a large snow-coloured gutter rather than along a fixed set of rails. This provided quite a thrill and, although completely safe, added to the feeling of danger as the seemingly out-of-control bobsleigh careered downhill.

Bob's queueline began outside in the woods, before making its way inside into the Swiss chalet themed station building. Unfortunately, due to the ride's low capacity, Bob's long queues were famous. Even on a quiet day at the Efteling, Bob's queue could be well over an hour!

In the station, riders would get into one of the eight Bobs. Originally these had one-across seating, with riders sitting behind each other. In later years, the original Bobs were replaced with ones that allowed riders to sit two-across.

After climbing the 22 metre lift hill, the Bobs would be sent to freely glide along the track. Depending on the weight of the riders and especially if you were lucky enough to ride in the rain, sometimes the Bobs could reach very high speeds which caused them to climb almost 90° up the sides of the channel. It really felt like a race through an alpine forest, with the trees concealing the ride from the rest of the park.

Following significant periods of downtime and the increasing difficulty in obtaining spare parts, Efteling made the sad decision to close the ride on 1 September 2019. Bob's successor, Max & Moritz, a racing family coaster from Mack Rides, was opened in its place on 20 June 2020.

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