Villa Volta


Enter the cursed house of Hugo van den Loonsche Duynen, leader of the Buckriders gang...

Theme ParkEfteling
Park AreaMarerijk
TypeHaunted Swing
AudienceOlder Families
Opened4 April 1996
ModelMad House
Duration10 minutes
The Villa Volta mansion

The Villa Volta mansion

Taking place inside a spectacular white mansion building, Villa Volta is widely seen as one of the best madhouse attractions in the world.

Inside, after experiencing a number of preshows, guests find themselves sitting inside a room and being impossibly turned completely upside down ... even though they don't fall out of their seats! At the time of opening, Villa Volta was amongst the first of Vekoma's madhouse rides and was unique in the Netherlands.

Villa Volta's storyline is based on the legend of the Buckriders, a notorious gang of 18th century Belgian and Dutch robbers who supposedly rode through the skies on goats given to them by the devil. The mansion is supposedly home to Hugo van den Loonsche Duynen, who is the leader of the Buckriders. Visitors get to meet him by way of an animatronic in Villa Volta's second preshow. Both Hugo and his house has been cursed by a mysterious woman, who can be seen arms outstretched on the rooftop outside.

The ride itself takes place inside the mansion's spectacularly decorated drawing room. Even though it was the first of Vekoma's large madhouses, the ride chamber's decoration has arguably not been bettered by any of the more recent madhouse installations. Efteling's notitious attention to detail pervades throughout the whole room and, together with the perfectly synchronised music written by Ruud Bos, it provides riders with a wonderful immersive experience.

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