Sevenum, Netherlands

A half-indoor, half-outdoor amusement park featuring Troy, one of the world's best wooden rollercoasters.

Opened19 May 2001
SeasonYear round
OwnerGelissen Group
NearbyWinterland Hasselt (42 miles)
Plopsa Indoor Hasselt (42 miles)
Efteling (44 miles)
Movie Park Germany (45 miles)
Phantasialand (57 miles)
Magische Vallei

Magische Vallei

Toverland is located in the south eastern corner of the Netherlands, and was opened in 2001 as a fun park with two large indoor halls housing the majority of its attractions. Since then it has grown massively into a major theme park.

One of Toverland's most famous rides is Troy, a spectacular 100 foot tall wooden rollercoaster from Great Coasters International. Troy was added as an outside attraction in 2007, and at the time seemed rather out of place next to the rest of Toverland's rides which were primarily aimed at families and young children.



The balance began to be addressed in 2013 with the opening of Magische Vallei, a large and beautifully themed outdoor land. Magische Vallei includes rides aimed at an older age group, including a whitewater rapids ride and Dwervelwind, a Mack spinning coaster.

Investment has continued, with a massive expansion in 2018 that brought a new entrance area named Port Laguna, and the King Arthur and Merlin inspired Avalon outdoor land featuring rides including Fenix, a superb B&M Wing Coaster.

From its humble beginnings Toverland has grown up into a major destination, with storylines and gorgeous theming driving its new direction as it adds carefully selected full scale rides and attractions to a grand portfolio.


Djengu River

Djengu River

Gorgeously themed rapids ride through Magic Valley

Maximus' Blitz Bahn

Maximus' Blitz Bahn

Bobsled ride



Indoor train themed rollercoaster


ECC Dutch Winter Warmer 2012 Day 3: Toverland video

ECC Dutch Winter Warmer 2012 Day 3: Toverland

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