Booster Bike


Join in the thrill of a high speed motorbike race at Toverland...

Theme ParkToverland
Park AreaWunderwald
Opened27 July 2004
ModelMotorbike Coaster
Height49 ft
Length1969 ft
Max Speed47 mph
Duration1¼ minutes
Booster Bike

Booster Bike

Toverland's Booster Bike rollercoaster allows visitors to experience the thrill of a highspeed motorbike ride.

Rather than the standard sit down style rollercoaster trains, on Booster Bike riders sit astride seats reminiscent of motorbikes and hold on to the handlebars as they are held securely in place by a large restraint placed against their back.

Booster Bike uses a hydraulic launch system to propel the trains from 0 to 46.6mph in 3 seconds. At the end of the launch track the train sails over a hill, which is followed by a figure of eight helix style section. At this point, the track heads back to the station via a pair of airtime hills whch lead to the final brakes.

While the ride is short, the concept is clever and manages to give a feeling of riding a bike at high speed. It's fun but unfortunately not especially comfortable, with the back restraint forcing riders' bodies to remain in a rather unnatural bent-forward position.

Booster Bike was opened at Toverland in 2004 at a time when the park was predominantly an indoor family entertainment centre, with the rollercoaster becoming Toverland's first major outdoor coaster. It was also Vekoma's first installation of its Motorbike Coaster design. A second was opened at Flamingo Land in the UK the following year, with a couple more in China since then.

These days, thanks to Toverland's incredible expansion, Booster Bike has been relegated to a supporting ride rather than a major attraction. It is still worth a ride and its great to be able to experience the rare coaster design, but these days with the rollercoaster's minimal theming compared with recent additions, it feels like Booster Bike is a reflection of Toverland's past rather than a herald of its future.

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