The legendary Troy - one of the greatest wooden rollercoasters in the world...

Theme ParkToverland
Park AreaIthaka
Opened29 June 2007
ManufacturerGreat Coasters International
Height105 ft
Length3534 ft
Max Speed54 mph
Cost€6.5 million
Duration1¾ minutes


Set in Ancient Greece and emersing riders in the legend of the Trojan Horse, Troy itself has become a legendary coaster at Toverland in the Netherlands.

At the time the ride was built, Toverland was a predominantly indoor amusement park aimed at children. This made the park's decision to build the longest, fastest and tallest wooden rollercoaster in the Netherlands seem crazy.

Luckily the plans went ahead and, from being a small insignificant regional theme park, Toverland overnight became a major player in the theme park world. Toverland ended up with one of the best wooden rollercoasters in the world, even if it would seem completely out of place with the rest of the park for the next few years until some of Toverland's later expansions filled the gap.

The rollercoaster is brilliantly paced throughout, with the smooth ride experience making the train seem to float and almost dance between elements. That's not to say it isn't intense: there are powerful transitions, multiple pops of airtime, and speedy turns.

Flying over a hill

Flying over a hill

Troy was manufactured by Great Coasters International and was the company's second rollercoaster built in Europe. It uses GCI's renowned Millennium Flyer trains which provide a very comfortable ride experience - more than necessary given Troy's furious and unrelenting pace!

When it opened, Troy was given a wonderfully cheesy sing-a-long Europop style soundtrack with lyrics declaring "Troy - de sensatie!" Sadly, for the rollercoaster's tenth anniversary in 2017, this was replaced by a much more grown-up and slightly dull soundtrack created by IMAscore.

Troy has aged well, and has settled in to the park which now surrounds it. It is still highly thought after, and is regularly ranked as one of the top wooden rollercoasters in the world. Undoubtedly, Toverland's success is in large part to the courageous decision to install Troy, and it has more than paid off for both the park and its fortunate visitors.

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Photo Gallery

Maintenance Shed

A behind the scenes tour of Troy's maintenance shed.

Troy in the Snow

Troy covered in snow in December 2012.

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