Fly through the bats in the large clock tower...

Theme ParkEnergylandia
AudienceOlder Families
Opened29 April 2017
ModelFamily Boomerang
Height76 ft
Length682 ft
Max Speed37 mph
Duration1 minute
The Clock Tower

The Clock Tower

Amongst the massive collection of rollercoasters at Energylandia is Boomerang, a spooky themed family friendly shuttle coaster.

The ride is a Vekoma Family Boomerang coaster and, although the theme is very different, it is similar to Velociraptor at Paultons Park in the UK.

Starting in the wooden station surrounded by shelves full of potion bottles, the train is hauled backwards up Boomerang's 75 foot tall lift hill. Once it is at the top, it is released and, after rushing through the station, makes its way around the ride layout. At the other end, the train passes through a large clock tower as it makes its way up an uphill spike. Before reaching the top it runs out of energy and begins falling backwards. From here, the train rushes through the layout in reverse, before returning to the station.

While not completely immersive, Boomerang looks good and the clock tower provides a great "narrow miss" element to the family ride. As is typical for Vekoma's Family Boomerangs, its a nice smooth ride and a lot of fun ... especially backwards!

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