Journey into space towards Hyperion, one of Saturn's moons on Poland's largest rollercoaster

Theme ParkEnergylandia
Opened14 July 2018
Height253 ft
Length4757 ft
Max Speed88 mph


Hyperion opened at Energylandia in 2018 as the highest, longest and fastest rollercoaster in Poland, stealing the records from Lech Coaster at nearby Legendia. The coaster is located at the front of the park and dominates one side of Energylandia's car park, with its huge airtime hills rising high into the air.

Riders join a research mission travelling to Hyperion, one of Saturn's moons. The ride's superb series of hills provide huge pops of airtime and simulate the journey into space. There are also a series of overbanked turns and smaller hills taken at various angles, simulating entering a black hole and being transported through the resulting space-time vortex. The finale of the ride has trains passing alongside a series of huge water fountains that splash the outside seats, before entering the final brakes.

Intamin have done a wonderful job with Hyperion, and it really delivers on the airtime front. It takes a little while to warm up in the morning meaning the second half of the ride can feel a bit slow, but by the afternoon the train will be roaring through the entire layout.

The trains are nicely designed, with four riders per row. The middle two seats sit above the track, while the outside ones lie out on the "wings" and are positioned slightly lower down. The rollercoaster provides a great smooth ride at the front and middle, although it is slightly rougher at the back.

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