Are you prepared for a soaking at the heart of Energylandia?

Theme ParkEnergylandia
Opened2 April 2018
ModelWater Coaster
Height164 ft
Length2254 ft
Max Speed63 mph


Speed is the fourth installation of Intamin's Water Coaster model, and sits in the heart of Poland's Energylandia.

The rollercoaster is very similar to Mirabilandia's Divertical, although the Italian park's version is around 250 feet longer.

Speed begins in a well themed castle like station, with the theme from Pirates of the Caribbean playing as riders board the boats. Unfortunately, like several of the attractions at Energylandia, the theming is very inconsistent: As soon as the boats leave the station, they float down a bare concrete water channel past some horrible fake rocks until they reach the lift.

The lift is the same elevator style common to Intamin's other water coasters, lifting boats vertically into the air whilst tilting slightly sideways at the mid-point to pass the corresponding lift platform on its way back down. Despite having ridden two of Intamin's other installations, the lift experience still scares the pants off me.

Leaving the lift, the experience is much the same too - a slightly jolty ride around the coaster section complete with first drop into a small water splash, up a hill followed by a turnaround and helix to line up for the main drop and splash at the bottom. Energylandia's splash did not seem to be quite as drenching as the one experienced on either Divertical or Land of Legends' Typhoon Coaster, although some accounts suggest that huge walls of water can be dumped into the boat. Perhaps it is possible for the park to tune the size of the soaking according to the Polish weather?

Energylandia's rides are often hit or miss. Luckily Speed is more towards the hit end of the spectrum. Even with the theming which peters out post-station, Intamin's Water Coaster technology saves the day. If only more parks would install them!

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